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Here's what the critics are saying about American Suite.

American Suite is an edgy comedy of manners. What happens when a WASP family becomes multicultural—a little bit Jewish, a bit Hindu, and, needless to say, African-American? Here is a "chick lit" novel that upends our notions about romance, celebrity, family, identity, and our seemingly insatiable hunger for memoir to ask, "Who are we really, and what are we becoming?"
Being completely white is almost un-American at this point. American Suite tells the story of a white family dropped into the multi-cultural pool and how the family copes with their world suddenly shifting so drastically. With plenty of humor and a unique take on family, romance, the self, and much more, American Suite is a fine piece of 'chick lit' and will prove to be hard to put down, no matter who you are.
—Midwest Book Review, "The Fiction Shelf," December, 2010
"Wickedly funny, it is a real treat as the author takes a look at life today."
Bookviews by Alan Caruba (November, 2010, 1st in the paperback section)
"Diana Sheets is unafraid of taking on the sacred cows of 'chick lit' in a sweeping family saga that offers up sexy men, violent and treacherous romance, dull marriage, soulful union and resourceful women. . . . Religious and spiritual confusions vie for attention with family loyalties and geographic rootedness as a New Yorker moves to the Midwest in search of a good-enough life."
—Jerry Sander, author of
Unlimited Calling (Certain Restrictions Apply)
"Diana Sheets has written an incredibly innovative novel. She cleverly tells the story of three women, a mother and her two daughters, through compelling diary entries from each of them over a two year period. They are intelligent, sophisticated women, each juggling their own lives and personal relationships, as well as the often antagonistic familial one among the three of them. Ms. Sheets has skillfully kept each character in character, not always an easy task, and their stories are told in such a way that each voice is clearly defined. To simply say, 'It's a real page turner,' somehow doesn't seem to do American Suite justice, but that is exactly what this book is. I couldn't wait to discover what wonderful writing awaited me on the next page. My congratulations to Ms. Sheets on an exceptional story."
—Kathleen Kubik, author,
Neither Sand Nor Sea